Sunday, April 1, 2012

Recycled, Old Water Trough~

The old water trough has seen many years of use, horse.cows spent many days drinking at this old trough, but finally it has given away to age, no longer can be used for watering,after years being filled with water and out in the pasture, has made tiny pin holes,

The old tub will make/made a beautiful flower/herb garden~ She deserves a place to show off her aging grace~.
I want plants to enhance this old tubs beauty. columbine has always been a favorite of mine, so I choose rose and blue for the pretty bell flowers..

Hostas,yellow blackberry,purple saliva,impatients in hues of rose and soft reds,lavendar thrift,

I will add perwinkle and moss to flow over the edges, The old tub,deserved her own setting,the old fence needed her cuddled up close, I also wanted the barn as a backdrop~~
The tub in all her beauty~

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  1. My son just brought me home a vintage trough just like yours. I'd like to get one more. Any ideas on how to get one? Yours is planted up beautifully. Nice job.


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