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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Treasures in A Thrift Store~

While on a visit to my mothers, I stopped off at a few "Thrift Stores" one was just a "junk" store, not a place I would visit twice, while sitting at a red light my iphone pinged, hit the check in button, and all the stores along the road popped up, scrolled down and a "A lot Of Treasures Thrift Store" was on the menu,
I thought "Why not check it out"..traffic was a nightmare, I had to drive several blocks just to get a turn lane, then I had to hunt the store, it was in a little strip mall hidden in between a dress shoppe and a dentist office,walking by the frontage outside I knew I was going to have a great time in this quaint shoppe, the shop was full of vintage treasures, unique stuff I love, sat down on a vintage settee, a basket sat on the floor with old black and white photos and this lovely vintage brush and mirror set.
I really liked the set, the old gold tarnished, price was $8.00 very good price, I knew this was a "keeper".
As I walked through the store I noticed she had it set up like a old farm house,. Little nooks and crannies of eye candy for the soul. When shopping a new store I will walk through to "Glance:. after the 1st. walk through, if by chance anything interests me. I then get serious. 1st. walk through I did not even see this "Print" Old vintage frame, matted in vintage hues,and the little girls eyes were just beautiful,
My heart fluttered, I thought "I have to have this print". something about the print made me think of my daughters, and the $20.00 price sticker was great. I always go with my heart when I find a treasure along my journeys, and this was one of those times.
another find was a Paris framed print that I will add to my dressing room,
This carryall will go my daughter Ben.. I had found another pretty carryall in another shoppe I gave t my daughter Kristy. Mama Knows wink~

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