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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Book in the Attic

Cold day so I decided to go through a few old boxes in the attic.. boxes that were in LaMarr's grandmothers attic, we just moved to our attic and forgot them over the years. So I found a quilt to sit on and started to browse. Dusty old things is a passion of mine. Old letters I love sit and read. the fancy script amazes me. Wish I could use a quill and ink~ now back to the books, I opened and browsed read a bit, then I picked up a Rudyard Kipling old leather bound book 1892, I carefully opened the delicate pages. Something fell in my lap, a pressed four leaf cover. so I started to replace it back in the page and saw their was another one pressed there. Now I smile and ask myself wonder how many years that has been pressed between those page and by whom? Then I read the page "The Legend Of Evil" as I read i felt a chill creep up my back... I ran so fast out of that attic and locked the door. Now I am all about loving history, but something about this book is just not setting too good with me When LaMarr, came in I read him the passage. "He said where in this world did you get that"? I said, "From your dead great grandpaws books. All I can say is ."I will open those boxes in the family room with all the lights on. Think I am fooling you. Read a passage in the book...

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