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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Living on a farm

5:15am.. Woke up this morning, sun coming up over the mountain, going to be a beautiful day here in Tennessee. My 1st. thoughts were I need to work on my October venue for the craft festivals. Baskets sitting around with notes, half finished projects that have to be finished on time. Time to sit out on the porch and plan my day. Coffee and Watch the morning come to life. Living on a farm is not easy, it is serene quiet beautiful land, but that being said, hard work comes with the land. This morning my organic tomatoes need to be set out, the gourds need to be strung on the fence row. Need to add stakes to my glads they are so heavy with blooms that are falling over. Small things "I can do this",then you look and see the grass needs to be cut, that will wait till tomorrow. But I have found that if you put off one thing off for tomorrow,you will never get ahead. Yesterday I started Old John Deere thought I would mow a little, while hubby worked late. Going along smoothly POW a belt broke, I usually carry my cell phone, just in case i need MY MAN to come to my rescue. No cell phone, had to walk a mile,"IT did seem like a mile." smile~ Off to the tractor supply, that is a few hours out of the day. While I was there they had baby chicks under heat lights in old alum tubs. I wanted to take them all home No can do..too many wild critters here. The farm store smelled of hay, feed and farmers Belt in hand home bound, stopped off at Wal Greens get some BEN GAY .I know I am going to need it. Left the belt with hubby to put on. Thought I will plant a few morning glories while waiting for Old John Deere, Sit down with my digger, AW nice, moved a fence row section. off fell a brick I had sat there BAM on my hand.. Pretty bad cut and bruise..nothing that is serious, BUT ugly. In the house for first aid kit. All done, Back to work. Another Day In Paradise................smile~ Ok beautiful day,so Let's Rock & Roll~ Have a good one ya'll

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