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Thursday, April 16, 2015

1912 Vintage Cook Book~

While looking in the attic this morning..(trying to find and old wallpaper book) more on that story later smile~~Well anyway I found a box of vintage books LaMarr's granny had stored for years~
The book is frayed with age, "Desserts~ well this looks interesting,,sat down in the dusty attic floor..and opened this treasure..inscribed in the delicate old script many people had back then..Mrs. Charles Mayor Billeville Ill.
When I find something old. I always wonder about the person that owned the item..how many hands held this book and prepared desserts from inside the pages.
1912 100 years old...I can imagine the history this old book could tell us~ Maid of Honor
recipe for sponge cake,, reads "Let it sit by the side of the fire..Lordy, a woman had it hard back then. carrying water from the well. old wood cook stoves.. What would we do today, "IF" our life was turned back in time~~Could we adjust to the hardships~I can say for myself.. "I would not even want to try~~~I found the wallpaper book..But my heart skips a beat when I find "History~~ Love old things with all my heart~~smile~

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