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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beautiful morning

Woke this morning to the birds chirping..
sat out on the top veranda watched day break, the sun rises up over the mountains..the smokey haze drifted like spun cotton above the trees..

Sitting here going over in my mind what kind of day I would like to have..
To the barn for the John Deer start on the grass before the sun comes up...the wildflowers are abundent in the pasture ...
pretty straw flowers,bacherlor buttons,wild thyme,mullet...wild daisies in yellows and whites..
Looking at the back pasture.LaMarr needs to get the trasher out..
Time to cut the hay..smells so sweet...the crows will be out following the tractor...

Across the way old Harley Syler is cutting his pasture..
I imagine he is in his 90's but works everydsy..farmers are a breed apart from the men today...sun scorched faces..time worn overalls....
lways respectful to others..will give a helping hand to anyone..
I hope it never changes...but more and more the farms are going..
new generations..the old ones dying..and the ones left with the farms don't seem to care about the land..if they only knew what they were missing..
to watch the sun rise..see all God's creatures in their own habitit..watch a creek gurgle and follow the lay of the land...sit quietly and watch the day began and end...the creatures around you..

My daddy was a man of this beautiful earth,,he taught me to enjoy the small things in life..he said..
"The earth we live on is on loan..enjoy the little things..thats whats important."

Evening update:

canalope seedlings

Tomatoe Plants

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  1. Hi,
    I was born in Tennessee and remember my grandmother's garden with great fondness and nostalgia. I miss having home grown fruits and veggies and being able to cut flowers outside for the home. You are so fortunate to have land to grow your own things!
    Hope you have a lovely day.


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