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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day with my daughter Kristy

A Great day spent with my daughter Kristy,
We decided to just stop where the car took us~smile~

Target was first on the stop~
Found the cutiest gloves with the fingers exposed-but had the little pull over to complete the glove buttoned back with a pearl button.

Anything with a pearl button I will grab smile~~
another great find old fashion cotton twilled socks that are mid thigh.
A woolen scarf (Hat)that has the ties under the neck with fuzzy balls,it looks like it was made for the old days. We both had to have one~
We then went to Tractor and Supply,a farm store-
We were trying to find a pink John Deere t-shirt for my niece.
Did not find one,but we however found  prezel bites filled with peanut butter.yum yum.
Old fashion container like the old candy store days~

I had to run back in the store,
while in there some farmer (By the way I love old farmers,
they are the salt of the earth)-walked by her suv and said.
Well honey this beats it all.
A mercedes with a Harley Davidson sticker over the back window,

a pretty blonde-"Can I use you as a screen saver"?
Can you just see a old farmer using a computer-much less   saying that? smile
Was a great laugh for us~

Then to cracker Barrel, they had the fireplace roaring it was so toasty.
There is no way you can walk out of cracker Barrel without shopping.
Kristy and I both love sock monkeys,we found a sock monkey
jack in the box.
That monkey is so cute,
big red lips,red string hair sticking straight up.
She had to have it for her grandbabies,
Kristy, I had a wonderful day spent with you-I always do.
Thank you for the Gingerbread cake--it is almost gone---
Got to have that recipes-

Love you~ Mom~

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  1. Awe, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. I know I sure do enjoy doing one on one with my girls. They are a bit younger, 18, 12,8, and 2 but it's always nice.
    You should have taken a pic of the farmer and used it for YOUR screen saver. Too funny!


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