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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday spent with Ben my daughter~

The Last of the Gift wrapping-We Hope..
The living room is a disaster,Ben and I decided to just
add everything in the floor,sit down and wrap.
I am getting to old for the sitting in the floor wrapping, smile~
We had a great day-Christmas music playing,
hot blackberry tea,
adding our collected treasures to the ladies bags,
that is the fun of
Christmas,wrapping the tissue around the gift,
while smiling and hoping I get one of these. smile~
Ben loves hair bows,makeup and earrings,
and they are always vintage looking.
The joy of having 2 very different daughters is
watching each one
on their level.
It's a joy  to see the women my daughters have grown to be~
Love Mom~


  1. Wow, looks like ya'll were busy. Wanna come wrap my stuff too? LOL!
    You have a very pretty tree. Thank you for sharing pics on your blog. I do the same. I think it just makes it more.

  2. Thank you Jamie--I love your blog and would love to add as follower here in mine-can you do that?


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