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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas at my home~

This year has seen many changes in our lives,
LaMarr's mother passed away,it will be the 1st.Christmas
without his mother,
I plan on using her Christmas china,and add memories of
happy times about the house.
Our memories are something we will always cherish.

In my thoughts will be my Dad,my grandson who died of sids,(Jeremy)
and brother,(Mickey) who died in a tragic motorcycle wreck,
as always, I add white doves on my mantle for each one that is
not here to celebrate with us~

We have a new baby on the way-Jason my grandson is
expecting his 3rd child.
A boy-Conner Jason.
Josh had a new baby this year,Wyett,he is a little ball of
baby fat,all smiles and so cute.
The kitchen is the heart of the home,
this year I am taking a breather,letting my daughters
(Kristy) and (Brenda) do most of the preparing dinner. (I Hope) smile~

Their has been some rough times for some of the family members,
But we all hold strong ,and somehow we make it over the hurdles.

Today it is brisk,weather forecast snow flurries for Christmas day.
I would love to have a white Christmas,
We are having our family Christmas
at my home this year,the family is growing each year,
expecting 32 to 36 family members,looking forward to
the family gathering.
Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays to all~

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