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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Era Gone by....

Good news and sad also.
LaMarr's mother passed away last year,we both miss her,
She left LaMarr her beautiful old home built in 1932,crown mouldings,
hardwood floors just a beautiful home,
It has been in the family since it was built
.lots of history,andf memories but also lots of growth around the old home place.
LaMarr is an only child,we have our own home,so we decided to put it up for sale,
Ooltewah is growing so fast,the small town he grew up in,is no longer that little town
 where his mom owned the only country resturant and his dad the old Esso station.

LaMarr owns a AutoRacing/ Repair shop,he knows everyone in our small town.which is good,
His Dad went to the same church for 74 years,
Was a mason.shriner for 72 years.
An era is coming to an end,our old home place is a Wal-Greens now.
The country resturant long gone, The old Esso station gone but not forgotten.
Small towns and farms are in danger of becoming obsolete.
Sad.another era of our life will be gone..

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