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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Autumn is Whispering~

Autumn is peeking in the door. I have often thought that Autumn as a season of "new Beginings"~ The mountain and hollows are so beautiful in the fall. and seems to welcome the cool weather after the heat from Summer. The mornings are dew drenched,the leaves gently falling, the walnuts are turning a dark brown under the trees, the squirrels gathering the harvest for the coming Winter, a change to the hollow is happening all around.
Shadows behind the ferns appear in Autumn, the fonds turn a rich green, they love the cool morning, All around the changes are taking place, when I feel the season begin to change, I feel the need to soak up every moment that I can, before the cold season begins. Longer walks, opening windows to feel the freshness from outside, and tending to the gardens, gathering seeds for next years bounty. The days of Autumn are whispering...I enjoy every waking moment of this beautiful season.
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  1. Yes, those days of Autumn are whispering. And I agree with you that the mountains are so beautiful in the fall. I love to sit on the swing that faces the mountains and marvel its splendor.

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