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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jelly Roll Quilt

Dragged out the crate with my Jelly Roll Quilt pieces...need to get this set together to quilt in the cold months ahead,
Jellyroll Quilt, time to work on it a bit, I had sat it back to work on another project, Time to It is overcast today,spent time in my sewing room,
coordinating my fabrics,setting together a
apple jelly roll quilt,I would like to have
the jellyroll quilt top finished,
Wintertime I will have the quilt on the old
pull down quilt frame, quilting was taught
to me by my mother and grandmother,
I can remeember my granny (Iva Marie,
with a basket of colored threads,
a bar of soap,with needles sticking in the soap bar.
She said... ("the soap made the needles sharp") smile~.
She had an old apron that held her old fashion needle threader,
her glasses,and butterscotch candies, we sat
for hours quilting,not a word was said.
Back to my quilt,(memories,they sure can
bring back the good times) a fabric here,
an old wooden bobbin case granny carried
all her life.I will treasure grannys things forever.
The fabrics I choose for theAutumn Apple Jelly Roll Quilt was a fun project, I love to go the the fabric store,
choosing the fabrics sometimes can be the most fun,
then as you piece the quilt it takes on a life of its own..

Coordinating Apple Fabrics .

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