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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ginger Bread House Forgotten~

This year I am going to build
The Forgotten Ginger Bread House~
3 years ago my daughter Ben, said. "Mom let's build a gingerbread house".
I bought the ginger bread kit,called her and said we have our gingerbread house to build,
All the extra candies were throw away the 1st year.

3 years later the gingerbread house still sits on the pantry shelf~
She never has the time to sit for a moment, no let me say she does not take time for "herself".

Brenda at 17 years old

As the years pass you see things in your childens's lives, they think you overlook.

The weakness in her husband is taking her life a little at a time, family matters are personel to me, but my heart hurts for her.

The ones you think will be the strongest sometimes are the ones that need you the most~

Brenda 6 months old

Brenda was always the serious one, knew what she wanted in life,

I wonder at what point in her life her dream became just that "a dream."
We don't have control over who we fall in love with.

Have you ever just wished you could turn back the pages of your "Life" and your childrens, tear a page from the book and add another one in it's place?

Today I wish I could rewrite her "Life's Story".


  1. What a beautiful, sad post Tea. Things that hurt our children are the hardest in our lives. I will pray for her...

  2. I so relate with you...I feel like my daughter's soul died eleven year's ago when she got married to a monster. I now am raising her children....I wish I really could rewrite a chapter or so in her life.
    Hang in there dear.


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