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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Daughters Jewerly Boxes~Childhood Memories~

Christmas was wonderful this year, I was able to find a gift for my daughters, that actually made them both tear up..Kristy was really crying, made my heart almost stop I was so upset/happy~

Both my daughters had these little pink ballerina jewerly boxes when then were about 8 and 9.
Over the years the boxes were worn,the ballerina stopped dancing, but I kept the boxes in a cedar chest, for memories mostly~

Last year they both were looking in the Memory Chest, the dolls they played with as children, were snuggled in with trophies of baseball,cheerleading.

They both were so happy to see their old childhood play mates, they sat in the floor exchanging memories - what each doll,reminded them of.
As I was sewing, I listened and watched my grown daughters talk about their childhood, my heart was so full of love for these beautiful women that are my daughters,

Then one pulled out the old ragged jewerly boxes, one said "I wish we had been more careful with these".
One said "I would love to sit them on my dresser today~

So the journey began for the "Jewerly Boxes". and I found the exact boxes at a Vintage Store on line..the store had 2..still in the original boxes,Be still my heart~

I had to have those jewerly boxes, I could not wait till UPS delivered them.
I opened the package and years flew by- I could see my daughters, sitting in the floor dolls all around, plastic jewerly cluttering those pink jewerly boxes.
I knew I had my Christmas Gift~ for my girls~

I ask them "If" they wanted all their childhood things.
Both said,"We will wait mom".~~

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