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Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After~

The day after.
Whirlwind month, all the cleaning, decorating,shopping cooking, preparing food for the family was exhausting,but worth every moment~

My mother was with us this year,she is very frail,she managed to be here for her family,even though I could tell it was exhauting for her.
32 family members gathered this year at my home,missed my sister, "Mary" and her family,she is too ill to travel.

Lots of laughter,good food,and reminiscing of days gone by~
Troy,(Angie's husband), put his heart in the blessing this year, more than a few tears were shed, which is good to remember our loved ones that are gone~

Laurie,(my sister in law), lost her dad a week before Christmas,a sudden death is always hard.Our faith leads us~

32 family members gathered around the warmth of the fireplace, a few snoozing,the children excited,we give thanks to you Lord~ for the many blessings that is bestowed on our family.

Another year is passing~ With it we close the book on another chapter in our lives..

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