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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Haven for Solitude~

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Raining,the smoke on the mountain enclosing the house like spun cotton. A day to spend in my sewing room, in quiet solitude. Going through hatboxes and the ":Memories" hit me, my sons baby shoes,how many years had those little treasures been in that box? I am so glad I thought at the time to put them back in the original box
I can still hear him running through the house and the little bells as he ran. He loved those shoes. Time I gave him a Keepsake from the past, He is old enough now.
On one of my shopping trips I found a trim I just love, I am a button addict, the trim was expensive,but oh so nice, you really have to consider the work into this trim to see why it cost so much
The buttons just POP..in color and the trim has a vintage touch. wish I had purchased more. but that is another day smile~
I found these pretty tattered rose trims, if you have tried to create tattered roses you know it's not easy.or to me its not~
Rose pastel and cream tattered roses.one good thing about this trim it can be cut at each roseette.
Now Binding is another pretty trim I like, all shabby scrunched..another expensive trim "IF" you buy it already tea stained and scrunched..all shabby chic'd out.
Lucked up on 100 yard rolls of binding at a decent price, $$'s in savings.. just roll out what you need..to scrunch add to warm water for a bit, then scrunch with your hands, let dry all scrunched up.Perfect shabby binding trims, Scanned some Vintage cards.. to use as lace.ribbon cards..these are so pretty in a hat box sitting in your sewing room.
I have to have some "trinkets" sitting around my sewing/craft room..gives me inspiration to create.
A woman needs her "private" place. Mine is my sewing room, Today it is raining,the smoke on the mountains, is reminding me Autumn is on the way~ I walk out on my porch and sigh~ another year is passing,..
another Season is on the way~

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