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Monday, November 12, 2012

Granny's Treasures~

Cleaning out the attic before cold weather arrives,while going through the tubs, I ran across some Vintage ornaments from granny, I can remember this beaded bird sitting on her tree as long as I can remember.
I would sit for hours, looking at all her ornaments, granny never hung her ormanments,they sat on the limbs.
The little elves were interwined on the tree with pinecones from her yard, granny would sit in her rocker,an old tub at her feet and string, red berries and little treasures she found in her yard. It wasn't unusual to see a pretty leaf, an acorn, even walnuts, Grannys tree was a Christmas Tree~freshly cut from her property. No bought trees for granny~.When my children was growing up we would cut a fresh tree, as the years passed, now I decorate my tree alone, the children have their own families, to decorate a tree for.. as we get older, it just seemed like it was too much to hunt the right tree...
For years I have had a special place on my tree for "Granny's Treasures" as I walk my yard, I find myself searching for that little treasure.."For Granny~~

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