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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grandmother's Birthday and her old walking stick~

Today my Thoughts of Granny~~

So many times I think of granny, as I get older I find myself looking back on her life and seeing myself, somewhat like a shadow of another life~
Granny's love of quilting was instilled in me at a very early age,many times I have sat quietly sewing/quilting and see my mama and granny as they sat and quilted.
As the years went by granny's eyesight wasn't so good any more, I threaded her needles but her stitch never wavered.always 7 stitches per inch in her quilts.
Just recently at my daughters birthday I made grannys "yellow taters"..as I was preparing the dish. My mind went back to age 6 or 7 seeing granny walk from the bus stop, carrying an old paper bag with "fixing" for her yellow taters.
The little things means so much now~ Memories are "keepers of the soul~
Autumn memories
Falling Leaves~The Old Walking Stick~August.17,2011

Feeding the birds this morning, the old oak tree was shedding her leaves,
the mountain has a mist,the garden with orange pumkins on the vines,
the farmers almanac says it's going to be a cold winter.
If you watch nature it will surely tell you of the changing seasons.

From the past a memory flashes in my mind, of a day long ago when my
grandmother and I were walking in the woods,(she loved to walk in the woods)
"She said" the sound in woods rested her soul, I know what granny meant now~
As we walked she picked old branches up for her walking sticks.
She had a collection of the old snarled sticks on her porch,some worn with age.
My grandmother was a woman of her times.

After all "Time doesn't change too much," today I am much like my grandmother,
as I take my walks in the woods I gather old walking sticks.
The mountain is changing,to shades of Autumn.

After the funeral, dividing up Grandmothers things.
We gathered at "grannys" house after the funeral, many of us had a long road home.
This would be our last time we would spend with granny,
The old house lingered with "Channel #5 perfume" her sewing basket sat by her rocking chair,
a teacup up-turned in a saucer,waiting for evening tea.
As I walked through grannys house, it surrounded me with love.
It also echoed a stillness, a hollow feeling, something was misiing.

I remembered so many happy times,I spent here.
I sat down in grannys rocker picked up her sewing basket, "What had she been sewing?"
A "Sampler" oh how dainty and pretty,"I thought".
Should I chose this from her treasures?
Maybe someone else will want it?

As I sat the basket down, I thought, "I will wait to see if anyone shows interest ".
As they spoke softly, I knew their hearts were broken,
The chain that held the family together was broken,
Where do we go for Sunday Dinner?
Who will have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.?

Who will teach Sunday school.'?
How do we walk up to her door and 'No one responds'?
How do we go on without Granny.?
As I sat on her porch, "I thought"the chain is broken, but her "Memories will last a Lifetime".
I picked up her old worn walking stick, opened the door, the sewing basket was still where I sat it.
I suppose granny wanted me to have it..smile~

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