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Monday, March 3, 2014

Grandmother's Vintage Watch~Keepsakes of the Heart~

Granny's watch no longer held time, it rested in a drawer out of site and mind~   many times I picked the old watch up..thinking one day I would take to a repair shop, that day just never came,  gathering bits and pieces  I decided to create a "Keepsake"...I could wear the watch as a vintage necklace -- and be a beautiful old treasure on my dressmaker in my home~ No longer forgotten and unseen in a drawer~
 I wanted to use a old key from our old homestead- this was going to a "Memory"  necklace, one that held treasures from the past,
A beautiful old heart on a pin my daughter Ben gave me...

Rose and rhinestones from a necklace in the drawer~
~Keepsakes~~~ from the Heart~


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