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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

OOAK~^~Creating a "Shabby Rose Slip"

OOAK~^~Creating a "Shabby Rose Slip" -a little bit of netting~~~ -with babyrose fabric to add some PIzAzzz--- in the shabby rag fringe----added lace and more lace.ruffled the baby rose fabric to add on the fringe~~lots of lace at the bust--the slip has a strip of the same rose fabric around the back--down the seams in the back added a little touch Of "PARIS~~hand stamped rags....45.00 plus ship>>>>>>Vanity Fair size 36 made in the USA
email me at teashopechest@aol.com if interested in purchasing this slip Created With Love~~
OOAK~^~Creating a "Shabby Rose Slip"

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