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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mason Jar Lid~~~ pin cushion

Mason Jar Lid~~~ pin cushion-- sharing a Lil Creative Juice~ using a big mouth mason jar lid. glue lid and top together- add kitty litter to a baggie -- just enough to flatten in lid--- glue in side the lid-- this will give the pin cushion some weight--- cut a square of fabric (your choice)- -creating a ball in your hand the size of the jar lid - I used batting--cover the ball with the fabric-- hot glue fabric to ball at the bottom-this will create a round ball for the pin cushion--- hot glue to rim of jar lid--stuff the ball of covered fabric in the jar lid--cover bottom of lid bringing the fabric up over the ball and hot glue--will look messy at this point BUT wait it gets better----- ---I used a doily to cover the complete top hot glued in place--- -Now you are ready for some vintage trims of your choice---My pretty Mason Jar Lid Pin cushion~~smile~

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