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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dining on a Train~

LaMarr and I love old trains, we have rode the rails through the beautiful mountainside in winter and fall.
In the Spring we rode the caboose diner cars to Nantahala,round the steep mountain with drop offs that seemed to go on forever,the train track is built around the mountain,with tunnels deep and dark~
The main train station is a museum for vintage trains, the mind wanders back to days long ago, the train smoke smell, the whistle at the train depots, vintage lamps lighting the diner cars .
Dinner on a train car while riding through the mountains is a unique experience~

Autumn we ride to Lookout mountain through the Chickamauga Battlefields.
Where the war was fought, land marks that tell a story of a war long ago~

Dinner choices -- carved English roast of beef topped in a Madeira sauce, roasted stuffed breast of chicken with a wild mushroom cream sauce or cumberland sauce, or crusted filet of salmon with a béarnaise sauce or red pepper butter.
Memories are "Everything" make one today to last a "Lifetime"~~~

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