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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cast Offs-Treasures and Daughters

I love to shop with my girls, each one has a different taste,together we can whip up some great outfits.
My daughter Kristy gave me this coach bag..LOVE it~

The boots are from Kristy.

she is a boot addict. but when she tires of a style..Mama gets them..I love cast offs,Krisy changes her mind as often as the wind.. Brenda is more a Keeper for life daughter.

This beautiful soft poncho coat

is from Brenda, it feels like soft cotton, not to mention my favorite color... I know I will be wearing these very often~

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  1. That sure must be fun shopping with your girls. I love going to the flea market with Christopher.. Sad, soon they will be closing for the season.


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