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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tattered Hearts~

Raining and cold all week,tonight we have snow falling,the weather has been just nasty, a restful time after the busy holidays.
Spent the week sewing/rearranging my fabrics, while browsing Pinterest, my creative side just ran rampant.
These darling little hearts are so much fun to create~
Inside the hearts are scented crushed rose petals.
My 1st. heart I created.
I could become addicted to this~smile~
each one is Unique, old buttons,tea stained silk roses,rose scraps from a wedding dress,

The back fabric is a rose with sage ~

Using tattered vintage scraps.
I decided to "Ritz Dye" some of the trims..using a Petal Pink..next "perwinkle"~

My collection of "Tattered Hearts"~

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  1. Wow you sure have been busy. They all are beautiful~


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