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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Feather and Fawn~

On one of out trips LaMarr and I visited friends in "Gatlinburg"~
They own and operate,
"The Silver Galleon"view shop here
We had not visited in a while, so the visit was one I was looking forward to.
I love the Native American culture, and the Cedar Flute music by Carlos Nakia~
The shop is full of authentic native american arts.
I had not one doll in my collection that was created by a Native American, and I wanted one that was an original art~
I fell in love with Awinita
meaning "Fawn" (Cherokee).

This sweet baby feels like a real baby, Fawn has a cloth body, soft deerskin clothing,adorned with beads.
Beaded headband, white feather on leather strap.

"SHIKOBA" Native American name
Means "feather" in Choctaw.

Feather has real hair plaited,beautiful dark brown eyes with long lashes.
He is sucking his finger,with soft rosy lips.

Has silver jewerly,and soft deere skin clothing..
Both these dolls are OOAK..Dolls from my treasured doll collection.
They were created on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee N/C.
By gifted Native American Cherokee artisians.

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