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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thunder in the Hollow~

Storming today,thunder rolling through the hollow, the old oak tree is shivering in the cold, not a leaf on her.
All the little creatures and I are ready for Spring.
The smoke on the mountains drifting down,the barn is invisable~

We are reminded of the days when the war was fought on this land, how many souls were lost here,on cold winter days long ago.

Once when LaMarr and I watched the smoke on the mountains he said," You can almost see the solders gathered here,around a fire trying to stay warm,
Today my memory strays of the days, I stayed on the old farm with my uncle Ed and Aunt Hazel, we would sat on the porch and watch the rain..when it thundered, Uncle Ed. would say,"God is angry today'~
So many years ago, but the mind remembers~

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