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Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Tattered Shabby Tags~

Watching TV is not my forte~ It is a waste of time,my mind is always on a something more productive~
But sometimes LaMarr, wants me to sit with him..watching TV. Not me~
I gather one of my projects and "Pretend" to enjoy a show he thinks is interesting~
I have these pretty vintage cards I printed off
Tattered crochet and Lace scraps to small for another project is perfect for these tags~

Adding snippets of lace.silk roses to the Paris Tag~
I attached the printed image by whip stitching it onto a piece of tattered lace.
I sewed layers of scrap crochet to the tag. added baby pearl buttons
added a tattered string of lace to hang the tag..scented with Rose Oil..a treasured little tag~
Paris tag is hand stamped with Paris and Fragile on the tattered hanger~


  1. Beautiful, is the image printed on paper or fabric? I bet it's even prettier in person~

  2. Hi MaryAnn, it is printed in paper... and they are adorable..Hugs~~


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