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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Tattered Heart Pocket~~

Time to let go of the past and get on with living~
The best therapy for the soul is to stay busy.
The rain this week has been a blessing for me, I have finished projects that have been neglected.
Cleaned nooks and crannies, my office is organized, the house will be ready when Spring comes..I will be able to spend time outside in my gardens.

My sewing room is my haven,looking out the windows to the back meadows, is comforting.

Fabrics,buttons,laces,things I love,a delicate silk slip draped over a dressmaker..a woman needs her :private place"~

Going through a hat box,I found a vintage heart pocket, I worked on Oh I guess 6 years ago.
The gathered section is from my daughters prom dress, ( she did not want to keep) so I upcycled.
Cameo from a "Junkin" find.

A gold key adorns the heart pocket, vintage buttons,seed pearls,

Hand quilted scraps,laces,vintage rose fabrics

and old vintage lace heart filled with dried roses, tucked in the pocket..scented with rose oil,

vintage trim attached to heart, for hanging in a favorite place.
Vintage Tattered Heart Pocket~~

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