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Friday, May 18, 2012

Dinner on the Ground~~Nora Mills Gristmill~

While cleaning my kitchen this morning
I had plans to reorganize, clean out some clutter, Don't you just love it when you run across something that jogs the memory~Nora Mills Grist Mill sits alongside the Chattahoochee River in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains just a beautiful place,,
big warm pots filled with maple buttered grits just waitng for customers to sample~ LaMarr and I 1st. ran across the mill in the early 80's -at that time it was ran by a sweet little man, he would sit out on the porch watching the water gently rippling along the gristmill, he would tell us stories how the mill began~ Over the years we returned to visit Nora Mills ~~It lost a lot of its appeal when we visited and our ~friend~ was not sitting on the porch waiting for someone to tell his story too~~ It was like an old rocker sitting on the porch..all alone. the person it held will never sit there again and wave as you pass. You get used to these things in life, and feel you know the person sitting waving~ yet you never have spoke.. it leaves a hollow place in your heart~
some of the wooden dough rollers i found at Nora Mills
History Nora Mill Granary, Inc. Est. 1876

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