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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rose Tattered Apron

Shabby Chic Apron~~ good old rainy days, sewing today, working on a apron for one of my daughters, almost finished..A birhday gift~ for Krissy~ A closeup of the vintage rags I am adding~
The white cotton ruffled skirting I used a 50 cent skirt I found at the resale shop. cut it in half, still have enough for another project,the fabric is a polished rose fabric, just beautiful~ wish I had purchased more, That was 10 years ago.so I am sure they don't sell it anymore~
I cut a dollie in half to add to the waste band..the ruffled white section is a shabby piece from an old scraf.gold entertwined in the fabric.
added a coordinating ruffle at the botton of the skirting~a piece of crochet for the shabby look.added a little thin satin ribbon
added a pink gingham as a band and ties
lined the back of the apron panel with soft cotton fabric, maybe add a few vintage buttons..Rose Tattered Apron~smile~~

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