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Monday, May 21, 2012

Vintage Victorian Wallpaper Oh My~~

Vintage Victorian Wallpaper, I found on a "Junkin" trip. On the way to my sisters house I saw this little quaint shoppe, to me "Quaint" means "that looks interesting~ I pass it up go on to Angie's house, all the time "Thinking" you never know what that little shoppe may hold~ I almost passed it up,No, I have to stop..The little doorway to this shoppe was so pretty..Nothing Fancy~ An old while shabby trellis with morning glorys..midnight blue morning glorys.. Walked inside the crevices were stuffed with wonderful finds. Today was my day~ The most beautiful vintage wallpaper I have ever seem. 4 unopened rolls still in the packages.
Victorian lady,hat,lace,rose,pearls I am in heaven~
I can imagine all kinds of projects..Paris inked on the paper Oh Yes~
little quiant cards to hold trims
the lace just pops on the wallpaper.
lay out the paper and a few trims..and I sit and ponder "This will be a project I will enjoy creating~
add a little shabby..a bit of lace a few buttons
well this hasn't a thing to do with the paper...just something I have been playing around wit. a vinatge pocket to hold my carded trims...Life Is Good~~smile~

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  1. Hi Tea :)
    So inspiring! That wallpaper is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I am thinking of getting a Pinterest 'thingy' going. If I do, I'd love to Follow your Pinterest page. I don't know anything about that site just yet, but it does look like something I'd be interested in checking out :) ((hugs))


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