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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Porch Gatherings~

A simple pot of colored peppers. Autumn a time for new beginnings..the most beautiful season ..as I am walking I find small treasures, to add to my porches,
Abandoned bird nests,I gather and snuggle near a bird house sitting on the porch, next year the nests will be added to baskets sitting on the porch, will be recycled by the birds into new homes. watching from the window, the birds gather the twigs for new homes in the Spring.. such a wonderful site to see.
A Autumn wreath.dried gourds,orange pumpkins added to a porch swing to welcome visitors. Old mason jars line with autumn leaves,add your favorite autumn scented candle.Just what you need for those cool evening on the porch. found on Pinterest~ smile ~

~Happy Fall Ya'LL~

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