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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Day to be Thankful~

What a Summer,hot hot,I am ready for some cool weather, to sit back and rest.
This summer has been a busy one,the garden just about done me in,
I thought for a while,I would stop watering it..could not bring myself to do such a thing,

Hubby washed jars,and helped me can tomatoes today, we had such a good evening,sharing our week,he sure is a "Special man",think I will keep him.smile~
Our canned tomatoes, we love to hear the tops "POP" when they seal...I know it's silly~~


LaMarr and I usually take a half day trip,have lunch, he can find the most interesting places to dine~
But instead we spent the day canning,cleaning the pool,sitting out in the evening,
LaMarr, built a fire in the firepit at dust,grilled a steak,we ate by the pool by candle light,beautiful evening..~

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