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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wild Roses~Beauty in all Wild Things~~

While working in the garden this morning,felt the autumn breeze on the mountain, the squirrels were foraging for the walnuts,acorns,you can always tell the season is about to change if you watch the wildlife.
Mr. Sylar was stacking wood,a sure sign the summer is coming to and end.
Reminds me of my daddy,in old overalls,a hard working man,on that old John Deere tractor,always working,mending a fence,cutting hay,evening he sits on the porch in his old rocker,whittling.

Mrs.Cassen my next door neighbor is 86 years old still pushing a old push mower every week, as I sit on my front porch and watch these 2 neighbors I think to myself,"what a life these people have lived." To the fulliest,always a smile,a wave,

Times sure are changing..
Back to the garden,the seven sister roses (Wild Roses_ are in full bloom by the creek

The wild Blackberry rose scenting the air,
The meadows are full of wild flowers Daisies,
wild violets,queens annes lace,beautiful morning.

What more could you want in life..A simple life~~

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  1. All the flowers are beautiful. Wish I could photograph them. =)


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