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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Setting A Tattered Rag Quilt~~Autumn

Fabrics for an Autumn Rag Quilt,machine sewn,you will need scissors,tape measure,(can use a piece of cardboard for pattern,) 1 yard each of 6 coordinating fabrics, 2-1/2 yards for backing,1 roll batting,thread.
each quilt section batting and coordinating fabrics,same size-(11 by 6)
I have added my choice of fabrics in my quilt.
I use the cotton batting,there are many kinds to choose from.
I happen to prefer the cotton.
Cut each section (11 by 6)
This is to show how the pattern goes together,I usually cut several sections at one time. Fabric and batting sized
I choose a fall fabric for the coordinating back

pin all three sections together..top- batting-back

stitch crosswise each section set aside,,you will sew together all your sections before quilt is set together, I have by passed that to show you how to

I set my machine on a common stitch,this depends on what you prefer,,you can hand quilt

cross stitch ..this is how the finished section will look
shown is 2 section for examples
You will sew the section with the back facing up.
this is what will be snipped for the tattered rag look,
will look like this

Example 2 section together will look like this

snip the edges being careful do not cut into seam
Quilt Blocks with batting,top and bottom attached

Hubby set the layout.this mini quilt will have 36 blocks, then 3 borders in coordinating 1/2 blocks
when washed the seams will tatter
Example...my finished rose tattered quilt listed in next post...I will add the Autumn rag quilt as set together and the finished quilt smile~

Sewing the blocks together,start lengthwise

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  1. Good evening,
    I love the way you describe your home in Tennessee, it sounds so sweet and inviting! I too am a tag/estate sale lover. Love your rose quilt and thanks for the lesson.
    Good night
    Carly ;)

  2. I'm your newest follower. Thank you for visiting and following my new blog. I love the pictures and descriptions of your home and mountains and flowers. My grandmother was from Tennessee. I have always loved it there, so beautiful. I love your tutorials on the rag quilts. As soon as I saw the fabric stack of autumn prints I was getting excited. Love the colors. Then I saw the floral quilt and I fell in love with it! I meant to make one long ago and somehow it got put on the back burner and I forgot about it, but now . . . I must! Well, not right now, but after I get through the county fair projects. This winter for sure!!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorials and pictures. Sure do wish I could spend more time in Tennessee.

  3. Tea, I love it. This quilt is going to be beautiful. Question for you.... how many sections of squares and how are they put together? How many across and how many down on average? Do you sew sets or rows together them sew them together to get the finishes quilt? So many questions =)


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