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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Treasure From The Past~Grannys Sweater Pin~

What a memory this little piece of Vintage Jewerly brings to mind, so many years ago, back to sitting in a church pew with granny~ She had a beautiful soft rose colored dress on with a white cashmere sweater.. at her neck was this vintage sweater pin. holding this precious treasure in my hand, brought tears to my eyes, how many years have passed? So many that I have forgottton so many things that are precious to our soul~ Granny wore a light dusting of face powder that smelled so good,a touch of rouge,I loved to run my hand in grannys pockest, she always had a tissue wrapped, inside were cotton balls with her face powder, granny never has a "shiny" face always so demure and such a quaint little lady. My love of Vintage and Pearls, is from my grandmother, this precious pearl sweater pin just makes me feel so humble. Such small treasures of the past, that means so much to one, many years after the passing of a loved one.makes you feel like "I feel your presence~ Stay with me forever~

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