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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Autumn Wildflowers~

Beautiful Autumn..dew drenched, sun dappled early mornings .. their is a freshness in autumn~
I love to ride my golf cart early in the mornings, when the world is just awakening, quietness,I sit and watch as the critters/birds forage for food.
Their is a saying .~The Autumn of your Life~~
I feel I am living the autumn of my life, the children all grown settled in their lives, LaMarr and I at ease after all the years struggling to make ends meet~ A good marriage,to my soul mate~
As the autumn of our life begins.I want to live each day to the fullest,enjoy the little things that surround us daily. Nature, family,home,and my cats,are my life's joy~
I took my little crow for a ride..smiling..
The animals have gotten used to me being in their world, this morning the wildflowers in the pasture was bursting with autumn colors.

the wildflowers make such pretty wreaths..
Nature is good for the soul....

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