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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rose Lavender Milk Bath~

Working in my sewin/craft/studio, needed to organize my work area, I like having a nice neat place to work/create, next on my "list" to redo my fabric shelves,
Now for a little creative work, boring to clean, have to add a little fun in the mix.
Making a soothing bath bag, I just love to use tiny teacups, I have found the more you make your working area pretty the better you create~ smile~
Dried Rosebuds ...
gathered the rosebuds before Winter last year,
Lavender, dried milk, rose oil, and Epson salt, for a relaxing bath.
The bath bags I sewed from a soft cotton muslin weave fabric added jute string to close the top..leaving enough string to tie from faucet, Fill the bags with the Milk bath mixture, tie top add your card..
hand stamped the bags for a vintage look, added a vintage card for "gifting" my family and friends love these scented bags,
I hot glued a tea stained silk rose, a perfect "Gift" for a friend,

Watch for-- creating pretty: Vintage Perfume Labeled Bottles"~~

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