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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lost Treasures...in the attic~

Cold Winter day, snowed this morning, quiet gentle flurries, then the sleet and rain, now it is just a wet cold day, LaMarr, made a bacon wrapped meatloaf- baking in the oven, home made sour dough bread in the bread maker.
Looking out my kitchen window, as I wash the dishes. watching the stray mama and her kitties enjoying some warm oatmeal I gave them.
Winter is such a harsh time here in the hollow, so many wild animals come down from the mountain to eat,
Wishing for Spring, but don't want to wish these precious days the Lord gave us away~ This week I have spent a few hours off and on in the attic, I had a old vintage chair stored in their, dug it out and had plans to cover the chair with crochet dollies,now that I have the chair out where I can really admire it, I don't think I will cover its beauty and age,
I remember the chair sitting in my granny's parlor, there was a rocking chair and a ottoman to match, over the years the rocking chair was given away to someone in the family, and the chair was moved to the attic after granny's death. I hand washed the chair with mild soap. It is really in good condition for its age..as we were talking about the chair someone commented it was over 70 years old. Granny took very good care of everything she owned. The chair has a soft nubby feel, I can imagine the ones that enjoyed it sitting by a fireplace, maybe reading a book..I am so glad I have "Things" that have history and memories. Very few people today hold on to Lost Treasures...in the attic~

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