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Monday, July 9, 2012

Snippets and Pieces of my heart~

My grandmother, and mother loved watches,over the years the style changed, the antique watches are delicate,the design exceptional, dainty comes to mine~
quaint little diamonds usually surrounded the watches.
I was unsure how to go about cutting the band on this old watch...I shut my eyes and and cut...added several vintage trinkets~ I used the antique key that opened our door to the old homestead, Many good memories in the key and the watch, What better way to repurpose these treasures, Now I can wear it instead of laying in a drawer out of sight~
Trinkets and treasures to create the pendant.
my supplies I sat out to create with...see my old watch band..I know I will wear the pendant..more so than the watch~~
The antique key was to our old 152 year homestead...it has some great memories...snippets and pieces of the heart~~

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