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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

That Old Flag A Purple Heart and Memories~

Storming today, the mountain is smokey with haze, piddling in the house, cleaning our home office dusting the memories LaMarr has on his shelves. 2 grandfathers and a father served in the war, dusting these treasures makes you feel the presence of these men~ A grandfather that never came home from the war. All that remains is his memory~ The purple heart.
The letters tied with tattered ribbons,
Memories on the dresser,granddads old pocket watch,the glass cracked and worn.
a key that once opened the door to his farm..a silver framed photo of long ago..
it must have been winter, the flower boxes are empty...the land barren..I see an old mason jar by the doorway,
Wonder what it was used for.
Great Granddads Navy hat from World War 1
Memories last a lifetime, 3 American Flags sit on these shelves, all from men that loved and served our country, 1 a prisoner of war,1 that never came home, 1 that loved his country dearly till the day he died.
When I lay my hand on these old flags,there is a sadness but also a proud feeling that touches my soul.
My husbands grandfather was a Shriner for 76 years,he went to the same church all his life.LaMarrs father was a Shriner, so it was only natural that LaMarr would follow in their footsteps.
So I spent the day dusting the memories~

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