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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Creating Vintage Rags Tags~

Peaceful Sunday,spending some time in my sewing room today,started out piddling, arranging and organizing, my jewerly maling supplies needs a counter all its own, thought about using my drafting table, the attached lighting would work good, have to set that up. Sat down and decided to create a few Vintage Rag Tags~ Embroider a bit, add some vintage trims to the tags, a little silk rose.
Thinking about selling custom tags for others, a project just needs to have that bit of personalization to make it unique to the person creating~
Hand stamped a few of the tags with a Paris stamp added a hand stamped "Fragile" to fabrics I had ripped..making it look shabby~
adding a rose bud makes the tag pop~ with a small amount of color~ a Vintage Heart with a sweet little tag
Vintage Rags Heart..will be listed in my Etsy Shoppe~

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