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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keeper of Memories~

In the Winter when it is cold and dreary outside,warm and comfortable in the home,is a wonderful time in one's life to "Preserve some memories~
Buttons have always been a great treasure to collect for me.
Many old dresses,blouses, hold such dear memories of mama, granny, things they wore,and you remember when you got a warm hug.
Nothing like a "hug" from mama or granny~
The old hunp back trunk holding Vintage linens, a place that holds "memories".
An old crochet piece is a prefect thing to sew treasured buttons onto.
These precious old buttons will not go into the button jar,
Delicate old buttons they do not make anymore..an old brown button from mama's coat
a vintage brooch,a tiny dolly, treasures of the past. we are the keeper of the past, we need to preserve every memory~
Another day for Preserving The Memories~ These old leather boots.watch to see what these old boots become.

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