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Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage Trims~

Vintage makes my heart flutter, out of style gowns and dresses of my hubbys granny, she was a member of Eastern Star for over 50 years, they wore long gowns with lots of fancy trims, while going through grannys closet, I found many items that were out of date/style, But still had some gorgeous recycleable trims. I cut the actual cuffs off the gown, beautiful old pearl ball buttons adorn the cuffs
An example of the cuffs

These cuffs will be pretty as a cuff bracelet.
The rolled rose is off the shoulder of the gown, will be used on another project I have in mind.
Love the ball pearls, the cuff just need a liitle sewing at the cut edge, and will be so pretty, the pearl buttons have a sweet loop closure.
A treasure from grannys closet..her Vintage Mink Coat/cape.
Grannys Doll..

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