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Friday, January 25, 2013

Boots~decoupaged in Vintage Patterns

These boots sat in my closet for over 25 years, gathering dust, a (project went off in my head like a lightbulb) cover those old boots in all those old patterns you have gathering dust.
Hodge Podge, brush, patterns sheets, Lets go for it.
Ok, I will need to add layers for the vintage look.
Drying each layer after drying I will rubber stamp with some Paris stampimg
Oh I am loving this old boot..I may even wear these once again~~
OH LaLa...these are going to be so pretty with my dressmakers,laces and vintage trims.Oh Yea~
add a whisper of Vintage Trims in the top for displaying..
I really like the vintage look..will add a dry rub stain to age it a little more..OH and I will need to decoupage the other boot..and a old ugly dressmaker I have and a samsonite carry on...and more to come..peek a @2.00 find at the resale shoppe..

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