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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My quiet place,my sewing room,

My quiet place,my sewing room, I just love to sit in my rocking chair and fold fabrics sort sewing materials, at times. Peaceful and rewarding room, a place to let the mind rest. What is it about "Old Things" that makes the heart flutter? And era gone by, pieces of the heart stored away, Our grandmothers and mothers beleived in saving for a "rainy day" as my granny said many times. Now as I sit in the floor going through a Old hump back cedar chest filled with Vintage crochet. what better way to spend a rainy day, and remember a "time long gone~ With all the recycling/upcycling.( and I am guilty of just that) all the treasures that was once stored away in old cedar chests will be gone forever,
Vintage fabrics I will someday make a treasure with,maybe smile~
I am a collector of vintage fabrics/trims/laces and buttons.
My mother and granny stored old buttons in tins,my sewing room has an array of tins filled with buttons, threads still attached, as they would cut the buttons off discarded clothing, then use the old fabric to piece a quilt together, Everything was recycled, No waste
My sewing room could have been a real disaster a couple of months ago we had a bad storm, high winds, damage to our roof, Of all rooms to have damage it was my sewing room, where a section of drain pipe had been blown off the eaves. The roofers must have overlooked a section, because the rain leaked over my craft table, I did not notice the leak for a few days, being my sewing room is not a room I venture into every day. When I became aware of the leak, it had damaged the ceiling, and all the items on my work table.
LaMarr decided to cut a section from the ceiling, create a cedar wood section to hold a retractable light for better lighting for my crafting. While he was repairing the ceiling , he ask if I would like to have a wood floor. instead of the carpet. I had always had a problem with a chair in this area, Now I do not have to worry about wear and tear on the carpet. And I hate those "ugly" plastic covers for floor protection under chairs.
I have to pause now. It's snowing and I would like to take a walk and taste the snowflakes..smile~

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