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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mason Jar Lid Pin Cushion~

In the works a mason jar with the pin cushion on top of the jar, using the jar to hold threads,and sewing needs
I created this pin cushion using a mason jar lid. Fairly simple to create. The baby shoes did not fit any of my dolls.. and I thought I do not want to add them to a drawer hidden away. The ideal of a baby shoe pin cushion came to mind~
Pin cushion using a mason jar lid.
I glued the mason jar lid and ring together,
using a cotton stuffing I made a ball,
covered the ball of stuffing with a plain muslin cotton fabric,
to give the pin cushion some weight...
I added kitty litter to a baggie.
(using a rubber band to secure)..
I hot glued the baggie to inside of the mason jar lid,
hot glue the cotton ball to the mason jar lid, securing all the edges of the fabric covered ball to the mason ring,
You now have a pin cushin to cover, starting at the bottom,
cover the ring and lid with a batting,
sewing and securing the batting in place,
covering the whole lid,ring and ball of cotton,
I added crochet pieces to my pin cushion, sewing extra snippets to the pin cushion
Sweet little baby shoe, recycled into a vintage pin cushion, while on one of my resale/junkin trips, I found a pair of tiny cotton cloth baby shoes, At the time I was thinking, maybe the shoes would fit one of my dolls. I sat the shoes in my sewing room, by chance next to a vintage pin cushion I had made
I added filler to the botton for stability,
added vintage trims,silk roses, vintage doilies.

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