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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrift Store finds~

Thrift Store finds~found a few great items at the Samaritian Center
my all time favorite,resale shoppe
the scissor holder was a find at 35 cents.
a sweet saying with flowers..

I use old patterns for many of my projects, as a wrapping paper sending orders tied with jute string and a brown paper bag card (stamped), decoupaging items, now for my other great find, a box of vintage patterns for 5 cents each,
Love this old bicentennial pattern, with bonnet, plan to make my daughters a bonnet and apron from this pattern
On a resale trip you never know what you may find,that is why they are so exciting, when you close your fingers around that "treasure" of the heart..ONLY another Junkin" Junker" knows that feeling..a smile comes to your face, your heart flutters. and you are ready to go home and enjoy your "Find" I have several more finds to share,smile~later decoupaging a old pair of boots that ha sat in my closet for over 25 years...maybe I will even wear them..Love Vintage

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