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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day in the sun~

Whew,it is hot~
LaMarr, worked on landscaping on both sides of the cabana,looks great.his big paws can do twice the work as mine.
We plan to add river stones around the back of the Crape Myrtles,add mulch...make it maintaince free, free up our lives in the summer..
Over the years we seem to have added to many shrubs.grasses,makes it hard to maintain a neat look.

I have a poision ivy break out and it hurts..the cool pool helps,with ointment.Nasty stuff..
Invited to Krtisty's for a cookout.we are just to tired,the trip is so long would be midnight before we arrived home~

Hubby taped the races so he can watch ad free...poor thing he wants to watch so bad....I can not sit an watch TV..boring..a time waster!

Dinner will be a fresh garden salad,baked a sour dough bread in the bread maker.umm smells so good. A Bear Creek potato soup..that stuff is good.
White Iris's in bloom..

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