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Monday, May 23, 2011

"My Home Tennessee"

I do not know of another state-
Where I would rather be
" Than this great state I'm living in-
And that is Tennessee.

I love the stars dearly-
And there are surely three
That show the Grand Division-
Of my home-land, Tennessee.

Where could you find a meadow-
With grass so vividly green?
Where could you find the mountains-
With such majestic scene?
You will never find so bright a moon-
To shine down from above

You will also see the robin-
The wren, and the turtle dove.
And don't forget the rivers-
Where visitors long to stay.
And many have voice in parting,-
'I'm sure glad I passed this way.'

You will see the cattle grazing-
Beside a cotton field;
And there's the Grand Ole Opry-
And a feeling it's all God's will.

I have lived here all my life-
It's where I'm going to be
Although I've traveled quite a bit,-
I'll still take Tennessee!

Oh, I sure love the state I'm in:
"The great state of Tennessee!"

Written by Vivian Rorie

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